What is Anglang?

Anglang is a gameplay-oriented path-tracing shaderpack, which is still early in development but we finally felt comfortable enough to publicly announce it. As some of you might have guessed, we have been teasing you with this project a bit over the past few weeks by posting images of clearly path-traced lighting without any comments about what it is. A lot of the familliar visual style and featureset from Ymir Shaders will obviously carry over to this project, although we are of course having slightly different priorities here. Due to the early development stage we are not yet releasing a public preview version, but we still wanted to let you know that something new is out there, something that will at least impress you when you finally get the chance to try it out yourself.

For more detailed information about the update progress check our discord servers or the shaderlabs server.

Shaderlabs Server: Discord Invite